Digital marketing trends have evolved since the start of Covid-19 and those changes will continue through the year. It’s wild for even industry experts to see consumer trends change as fast as the platforms.

Finding and building success on social media shouldn’t feel as daunting as it does. As the platforms are shrinking organic reach it’s pushing businesses to focus on quality over quantity which is also a positive for users as they are likely to see more relevant and higher quality content. 
In the last year, consumers have embraced the trend of online shopping, ordering, reservations, and are even buying vehicles online. So naturally, your digital footprint as a business has never been more important and it all starts with your website.

Your website is your virtual home and it’s often your first impression with prospective clients. Not only should it be updated at least quarterly, but it should also be mobile-friendly, offer fast load times, and be informative. 

Google Page Speed Test – This is a free tool offered by Google. Simply type in your business URL and within minutes, Google will provide a page speed score along with a list of items that can be improved to achieve a better ranking. Why is this important? Because page speed is a huge factor in ranking your website and where your site gets listed in various searches. If you’re looking to achieve a 1st-page ranking for a local search, this is a good place to start. 

Google Business Profile – Previously known as Google My Business, but this is a free tool that appears on the right-hand side of your screen when searching on Google. Having a business profile provides visitors with basic information that most customers are looking for. Such as address, phone number, hours of operation, reviews, photos, and beyond. Industry reports suggest that a frequently updated business profile with ample reviews can provide more search engine visibility and traffic. 

Social Media Advertising – All major social media platforms have options for business pages to advertise. Facebook, Instagram are exceptionally affordable and effective as compared to traditional advertising vehicles. Best of all, you can choose your audience, geographic areas, and daily budget. For beginners, a good place to start is $15/day for 2 weeks. Through some experimenting and quality content, you should expect solid results. 

Social Media Commerce – These new features allow consumers to purchase your products right on your business page or through their Marketplace. With online shopping skyrocketing, it should come as no surprise that most social platforms have adapted these features. If your business has a product or service to sell, experiment with these tools. It’s been wildly successful with my businesses. 

Create More Video Content – Content is king, specifically video. A little over a year ago, HubSpot surveyed 10,000 consumers and 87% said they would rather watch a video than reading text on a screen. It should come as no surprise that consumers like to watch videos, especially on social media. The platforms have recognized this trend and their algorithms favor video content over photos, text-only, or link posts. 

If a photo can say a thousand words, a video can say a million. It gives you an easy opportunity to connect with your followers, to be entertaining and educational, as well as cultivate relationships. 

Having a professional video for your website and for social media can go a long way. However, most cell phones capture great video and are more than sufficient for daily posts. It’s a combination of both casual and professional videos that is a recipe for success. 

In summary, It’s 2021 and your marketing should reflect that. It’s time to transition more of your marketing efforts to digital. Why? Because it’s where the consumers are, it’s where people go to unwind, connect with friends, spend their money, and in some cases escape. 

These five tactics are all relatively easy, low risk, low cost, measurable, and are proven. This is not something you can say about most traditional marketing and advertising. It’s time to go all-in on digital. What are you waiting for? 

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