Not your typical agency. We are Northeast Wisconsin-based digital marketing advocates. We love what we do, but we understand that hiring an agency hasn't been easy for small to medium sized businesses. Owners and operators are afraid to invest in marketing because of the great unknown in ROI. And, that is why we founded Lux Level Media. We’ve built this business around thoughtful marketing strategies, meticulous market research, and inspired content so we can generate sustainable results for your business, not big promises. More importantly, we’ve simplified the process for our clients and yours because we know that’s a part of what drives results.


Where most businesses and agencies fall short is they look at one element of their marketing rather than taking a 360° approach. It’s no different than a recipe, you need all the ingredients and utensils for your dish to turn out to be a masterpiece. With a full-circle approach, you can rest assured that if you can dream it, we can do it. From web and app design to integrated marketing strategies, you can rely on us to get the job done—and done well.


We know that digital marketing will continue to rapidly evolve. More importantly, we know as much as marketing has become digital, it will always remain rooted in human connection. We see this because we’re consumers, too. And, we’re all connected to brands that have inspired us through their products, services, design and messaging. That’s why we take a holistic approach to marketing. Success is possible but we approach it more like a marathon than a sprint. We take pride in building beautiful digital marketing and website experiences that convert. Everything we do at Lux Level Media is infused with a little heart, a little compassion and coffee.


We are dedicated to providing quality digital marketing services that clients desire at affordable rates.


We exist to help small-medium sized businesses thrive and drive results by simplifying digital marketing.


Be Different, Be Committed, Be Passionate, Be Creative.